Defrag NT

Defrag NT 1.9

Free and compact tool to defragment all your FAT and NTFS disks and partitions

DefragNT is a free and comprehensive defragmentation tool capable of rearranging the fragments of all your files in a safe and ordered way. The program is equally efficient with both NTFS and FAT disks and partitions, and offers you the possibility of having your folders and files both sorted and defragmented all in one single operation.

One of the main assets of DefragNT is its flexibility - from defragmenting a whole disk or partition to moving a few clusters to a specific block in the disk - this program performs all tasks in a secure and efficient way. It supports any NT kernel-based partition - FAT disks from Windows NT4 to 2000, XP and newer, and NTFS partitions from Windows XP onwards. Thus, it uses the NT operating system's own tools, when it comes to move clusters around, guaranteeing the integrity of your data.

Once a partition has been selected and analyzed using the functionality provided, you will be presented with some interesting information about your disk. The first thing you may be interested in is the level of fragmentation your files are suffering from - you will be given two figures, the global fragmentation and the free space fragmentation, which will help you to decide on the actual need of a defragmentation process. You can also find out what has been stored in a specific block of clusters - which directories and files are part of that block, and then decide which to move and which to leave where they are. You can move and re-locate a given file (say the one with the highest level of fragmentation), or just move a number of clusters from one position to another - DefragNT is that flexible.

The main interface will show you a "map" of the selected drive or partition, showing you all the blocks and their color, according to their status - free, allocated, or with locked clusters. During the defragmentation process, you will also be shown which blocks are being defragmented and which are simply being accessed. The defragmentation process is never a fast one, so do not expect DefragNT to rearrange your data at lightning speed - it will take time, but you can rest assured the results will be worth the wait.

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  • Allows you to locate and reallocate specific files
  • Offers useful and flexible sorting capabilites
  • Informative and attractive GUI


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